Sophia del Rosá
Seventh Year, Slytherin
Slytherin Quidditch Team Beater
(This Character Belongs to Sonofapollo)


My name is Sophia del Rosá. My English is not great- so I explain my story in as simple English as I can. My Mother was Turkish Witch and my father was wealthy Spanish Wizard. When I was five, we moved to England and father worked for Ministry of Magic. I got letter into Hogwarts when I turned 11. My parents very proud and they bought me Cat and many Luxury wizard supply. They told me- "You will be strong witch. Do us proud." Now I am at Seventh Year in Hogwarts.

Sophia is beautiful and she knows it. She has long maroon hair, and similarly coloured eyes. She is 5'7" but wears heels that are about 4/5 inches tall, too.
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Sophia del Rosá
"The Prank Queen"
Vital Statistics
{|width="100%" table border="0"|-|align="left"|Gender|align="right"|Female|-|align="left"|Age|align="right"|17|-|align="left"|Family|align="right"|Mother: Sheela
Father: Miguel
|-|align="left"|House|align="right"|Slytherin|-|align="left"|Eye Colour|align="right"|Maroon|-|align="left"|Hair Colour|align="right"|Brown/Puple|-|align="left"|Height|align="right"|5'7"
{|width="100%" table border="0"|-|align="left"|Wand|align="right"|13",Laurel, Unicorn tail

Sophia enjoys pranking people, causing mischief and havoc among the school halls. She cares very little about what her parents say, and tends to rebel a lot. She is nicknamed "The Prank Queen" by her close friends...and enemies. Sophia cares for Hogwarts, and also does not hate other houses- But she is very haughty and vain.

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